About the Podcast

Be faithful in small things because it is in them that your strength lies . --Mother Teresa

With most podcasts, we hear stories of the superlatives--the best and worst of the guests' life or business journey.  While these stories are big and significant--sometimes awe inspiring, sometimes overwhelming--they aren’t the only stories to tell. For every best or worst, we have small stories:  important, defining, unglamorous moments that shaped their path as much as any award ever could.

These small stories are relatable, inspirational and universal.

In each episode, my guests and I will share lesser known--yet equally impactful-- life stories.  We will talk about how the story made us feel, share why it is important and what we learned...and we are not going to tell you what to do--that part is up to you. 

Each story is an invitation to think differently, reflect, and inspire you move forward toward your goals.  

This is the podcast for women who appreciate the small things!

Your host...

Renee Manning is an integrative business  coach, with a specialty working with Executive Forums and Masterminds. Her mission is to help women slow-down and relax so that they can live with strength and grace. She helps clients achieve business results through mindfulness and gaining alignment between personal core values and uncovering authentic personal stories. 

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