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Retreats are Treats for the Soul

Spend time enjoying your retreat, not planning it!

Getting away from daily life to connect with your peer-group is one of the best ways to deepen connections, build trust and increase the ROI from your investment in a Forum/Mastermind/Roundtable. However, planning and organizing takes time and lots of effort that you just don't have. 

I hear you. I totally understand that adding something to the schedule can seem daunting (even if it's important!) and that any resources you hire need to be highly credible with a solid ROI.  

Biggest Small Things Retreats takes all that into consideration with retreats of various lengths to fit your scheduling needs.  From one-day to four-night formats, each package includes:

  • Group coaching sessions
  • Customized access to wellness and mindfulness professionals
  • "Night-In" with a private chef from Food Fire + Knives
  • Upscale accommodations  on Isle of Palms, SC (for over-night experiences)
  • Customizable Charleston tours and experiences
  • Free time to explore and connect

More details coming soon--sign up to be in the know!

2020 Retreat Schedule

Summer Solstice Energy Retreat with Lauren Gicas

June 14, 2020

Forum/Mastermind/Roundtable Retreats *

October 7-11

October 14-18

October 21-25

*For existing peer groups; weeks booked on a first-come basis.